The Association for the Recovery of the Fallen in Eastern Europe welcomes all those interested in this subject


We are searching for the nameless dead, who lie in the mass graves of war without commemorative stones or who were buried somewhere and are still considered missing. We want to give them back their name which was taken from them over 79 years ago.


The dignity of man is unimpeachable, even after death


We are not looking for soldiers of the Wehrmacht, the US Army, soldiers of the Red Army or of the Polish Army; not for infantry soldiers, sailors or airmen; not for good or bad.

We are looking for people: Sons, fathers, brothers.

Fallen soldiers are also victims - victims of a gruesome war, which they did not cause and had not wanted.


The commemoration of their death shall always be a reminder to make a contribution to the understanding and peaceful coexistence of nations.


We would like to advice visitors to this website, that there are images of human remains of fallen soldiers.

These images are necessary in order to illustrate our work



Special thanks to our many foreign partner organisations, without whom our work would be impossible to achieve. Also, we are grateful for the support of:


-  Bundesarchiv (Deutsche Dienststelle Berlin -WaSt)

-  Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V.(Volksbund)

-  Suchdienst des deutschen Roten Kreuz (DRK Suchdienst)

Verein zur Bergung Gefallener in Osteuropa e.V.  – Amtsgericht Saarlouis VR 1056 

Association for the Recovery of Fallen in Eastern Europe e.V.  - Amtsgericht Saarlouis VR 1056 –


1st  Chairman:          Guido Lewandowski

2nd Chairman:          Andreas Holz

Manager:                Robert Balsam

Honorary Chariman:  Albrecht Laue


Location of Assosiation:

V.B.G.O.e.V – Geschäftsstelle Hamburg, Postfach 500325 – 22703 Hamburg

Bankdetails: SPK Gießen, BLZ: 513 500 25, Kto: 259006009

Int. Bank Account Number: DE77 5135 0025 0259 0060 09