1992-2024   -     32 years    VBGO e.V.

79 years have passed since the end of World War 2. Millions of people are still listed as missing all over Europe, lying unburied on the edges of roads, fields and woods.
Our association, established 32 years ago and now accounting 200 members, has devoted itself to the dead that have come to a cruel end of life, still lying nameless and forgotten, away from cemeteries and have since been presumed missing, lost without trace.

Our organization was born out of conviction that will permit a worthy burial of the dead of war and to return them their names. Also we want to provide certainty about the fate to the relatives left behind.
By now our non profitable association, which apart from the "Volksbund" , the largest association of this kind, has been taken part in more than 200 searches and found more than 7.700 missing of various nationalities. It was possible to name many of those found and their families were notified.

Our honorary members, all of different nationalities, take immense hardships and enormous cost onto themselves, working through swamps, forests and plains, enduring heat, rain and storm to locate the remains of the missing. Some television stations, such as ZDF, N3, ORB, NDR, CNN have reported in detail about this.

Through collaboration with volunteers from Russia, Poland, Czechia, Slowakia, the Ukraine and the US we promote awareness and understanding among nations and build bridges of understanding. While working hard we grow co-esteem and friendship between youth of different nations and it helps us to understand the past and learn for a better future. 

Our voluntary work complements the tasks of the "Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge", "DRK Suchdienst" and "Deutsche Dienstelle (WAST) – the 3 main organisations working on the same task, to recover the fallen of war.

Despite all personal financial commitment of our members we do rely on the support  and donations of other people and organisations.
We are aware that many of you already contribute with donations and personal engagement. Nevertheless we appreciate any contributions to our effective and successful work.

Help us to persist in the "race against time", to enable us to help many more casualties of war find their final resting place.


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